TEAM expands its in-house die-casting capability with four new Bühler cells.

New automated cells provide full control over production.

TEAM Industries, a provider of drivetrain, transmissions and other components for sport utility vehicles and automotive OEMs, has partnered with Bühler to create a brand new dedicated die-casting facility in Mexico.

The new plant in Ramos Arizpe, includes two Carat 140 cells, and two Ecoline 66 cells, and is designed to allow TEAM to move all of its local die-casting operations in-house. 

Bühler supplied the complete die-casting solution. The automated cells form part of a well-equipped new facility with x-ray capability for parts and chemical analysis via an in-house metallurgical lab.

I’ve worked with Bühler my entire career. To me, Bühler is a trusted partner.


An investment driven by customer demand

The growth in demand for sport utility vehicles (SUVs) was the catalyst for this new investment. The company was worried about the  lack of die-cast capacity in Mexico. As a vertically integrated engineering and manufacturing company, creating high quality die casting parts, machining, and sub-assembly systems, delivering on time is critical.

Jeff Svare, the Mexico Business Unit Manager at TEAM, says: “With plans to expand our operation, it was becoming clear that the local die-cast suppliers in Mexico were not able to keep up with our demand.” The strong demand for sport utility vehicles is continually pushing TEAM to add more capacity. TEAM’s die casting, machining, and sub-assembly systems are in great demand from the OEM. High quality, and on time deliveries are TEAMS strong points and a desirable partner for sport and automotive products.

A trusted partnership

The company, which already had 10 Bühler high pressure die-casting machines at work in its Detroit Lakes plant in Minnesota, chose Bühler because of the outstanding partnership developed over the last 30 years.

Svare explains: “I’ve worked with Bühler my entire career, spanning 28 years. I was part of the first die-cast foundry that TEAM launched in 1993, working closely with Bühler. To me, Bühler is a trusted partner.”

Working together in difficult times

It was a relationship that proved to be key, as Bühler’s engineers, project managers and service group worked closely with TEAM’s professionals throughout the pandemic, to complete the project in late 2020.

Jim Hirdes, Bühler Account Manager, says: “From assisting with the entire plant layout, to delivering and commissioning complete cells and the first casting being produced, we worked with the customer side by side, all the way. TEAM’s project management was also instrumental in keeping the project on track. I was continually impressed that we kept the project moving forward despite situations that were out of our control. It was truly a TEAM (no pun intended) effort by all involved. A great success story”. 

Svare agrees. “Even during the craziness this year has brought us, Bühler performed well.” 

What’s next for TEAM Industries and Bühler?

As well as the Mexico plant, Bühler also installed four new Ecoline machines and a new Carat 140L machine in the original Detroit Lakes plant in the US.

The new 56,000 square foot facility in Mexico is designed to allow expansion to include up to 10-12 machines, supporting expected growth in the region. 

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