Upgrade your equipment with retrofits and revisions


Upgrade your equipment with retrofits and revisions

Give your plant a second lease of life with a retrofit service or extend the lifetime of your machine with a factory revision. Do not miss the opportunity to increase the productivity of your production lines. We offer several upgrade kits for complete overhauls of your equipment, adding up to 10 years to your machine's lifetime.

Update your machines with our latest technology. This helps increase uptime and avoid obsolete spare parts. Upgrade your plant control. A new plant control system can make your production process more efficient. It can also improve your management information system and let you trace products.

Benefit from our digital services which harness the power of connectivity, artificial intelligence and analytics to boost your productivity and reduce costs. You can also customize your upgrade to what you need, simply tell us what you are looking for and we will find the kit to fit.

Your benefits

Benefit from our latest innovations

Extend asset lifetime

Upgrades prolong your asset`s reliability and functionality by incorporating the latest technology and innovation.

Productivity boost

A simple and cost-effective upgrade improves your asset`s functionality and output.

Availability increase

Upgrades allow you to keep adding functions and features to push your uptime.

Our upgrade services

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