Huashuo, China

500th Ecoline die-casting cell goes into operation at Huashuo

Bühler’s 500th Ecoline die-casting machine has been installed at automotive parts manufacturer Huashuo. A landmark welcomed by the client who now has no less than 45 Ecoline machines in total.

Huashuo was established as a one-man business in 1988. Nowadays, it has about 900 employees and is headquartered in Eastern Chinese Ningbo, around 200 kilometers south of Shanghai.

Initially, Huashuo manufactured tools for plastic casings for electri­cal equipment. The firm then moved into the production of aluminum parts for automotive suppliers, bringing in their first Ecoline machine in 2010 for the new high pressure die-casting business. Today aluminum parts for automotive OEMs make up 50% of the company’s turnover, an expansion matched by their continuing investment in Ecoline.

State-of-the-art Ecoline production

In May 2014, Bühler opened the die-casting plant of Bühler China Machinery Manufacturing Co. in Wuxi. Today the plant is more than just a production site: a wide range of competencies are pooled here in a modern production facility covering almost 14,000 m2

Robin Lu, General Manager of the plant says: “Today, we are producing an Ecoline solution that is well respected within the global die-casting industry and customers from all over the world put their trust into our product.”

We are very satisfied with the Ecoline solutions. They enable us to produce with the consistent high quality we need. Everyone in the industry knows that Bühler equipment is the best.

Wang Hongbiao, Founder and Owner of Huashuo

Number 500 goes to Huashuo

Robin Lu explains that the China operation is now much more than just a manufacturing facility.

“Our vision was always one brand – one quality, no matter where our die-casting equipment is manufactured. Our design, development, and production teams here in China are highly trained die-casting specialists, working to ensure that each cell is tailored to the customer’s precise needs to deliver the consistent high quality end-product. For us the cooperation with Huashuo is really extraordinary and we are very proud that our 500th Ecoline cell is in operation at their facilities in Ningbo.” 

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