Expert Services

Performance Assessment Workshop

We listen, work and act together with you for the best plant performance.

Expert Services

Performance Assessment Workshop

We listen, work and act together with you for the best plant performance.

We help to unlock your full potential

There is always room for improvement

Improve your overall outcome

Together we can exploit your full production potential. We identify untapped resources, and on the other hand possible issues. Issues will be analyzed to find their root cause and fundamental improvement plans will be defined to bring better outcome in the long-run.

Performance Assessment Workshop

Mutual engagement

Based on your targets, our experienced experts will conduct interdisciplinary analysis with your team being closely involved.

Holistic assessment

All production relevant factors (technical, technological, operational) are analysed to show any potentials for improvement.

Structured analysis

Get an in-depth analysis of your production process with 4M approach to identify untapped resources and define the drivers.

Customized report

Based on our expert analysis, a detailed report with action plan is customized to best support your production optimization.

Your benefits

Making our expertise work for you

Combined expert view, tailored recommendation

All assessments starts with what you need. Our experts share their experience and an objective view to find the best way to improve key targets

Fact-oriented analysis, data-driven solution

An action plan is developed based on facts and data, which helps improve production in the most efficient way                                            

Knowledge transfer, long-term relationship

Relevant knowledge and common understandings are actively shared during PAW, which helps us to support you better in the long-term

Targeted investment, easier decision-making

Based on results, we help you to make targeted investment for new process, machines, or operational workspace

How it works

We discuss and define the goal of the Performance Assessment Workshop in a common management meeting.

We create a detailed timetable including relevant tasks and responsible persons.

We define which process parameters are relevant for this workshop.

Our expert analyzes the current situation according to the 4M method, assessing the factors of machine, material, man and method.

A detailed report is drawn up, including deviations and risks in your process as well as potential corrective actions.

We discuss potential solutions and their results and benefits to determine the actions with the highest positive financial impact.

Our expert creates a timetable with you to detail the plans for implementation.

Customer testimonials

We seized the opportunities offered by digital technologies to make production data measurable and optimize our process so that we can produce the perfect Kägi at any time of day or night.”, says Pascal Grin, COO at Kägi, a Swiss company famous for their crunchy treats. To maintain its high quality standards, Bühler and Kägi conducted a Performance Assessment Workshop to analyze and discover optimization potentials in the production. Connecting Kägi to the Bühler Insights platform provided transparency on process and machine data. This being analyzed and interpreted helps obtain a holistic picture of production and product quality and making informed decisions on how to optimize machine performance.

Pascal Grin, COO, Kägi

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