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Trough screw conveyor

The trough screw conveyor NFAT is used as a collecting or distributing conveyor. It is used to transport fine- and coarse-grained products such as grain, flours, and compound feed vertically or horizontally.

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Key benefits

Designed for easy cleanability

The screw conveyor comes with a removable cover and optional bottom gates. This allows you to easily access and clean the screw and trough.

Designed for low maintenance and long machine life

The conveyor has a rugged construction with no wear parts. This increases the lifetime of the machine and reduces maintenance costs.

Monitor the conveyor’s performance

The trough screw conveyor NFAT is equipped with a zero-motion monitor, an overflow flap, and a material level probe – so you can monitor and then adjust your machine to improve performance.

Highlight features

Modular design

Design the conveyor that meets your needs

The screw conveyor can be built for almost any application. It comes in modules so you can configure it according to your requirements and add the elements you need. Optional features include a trough inlet, gravity spouting, different types of connectors, and an intermediate outlet with a flap or a slide gate.

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