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Optical sorter

SORTEX A ColorVision

The SORTEX is an ATEX-compliant optical sorter suitable for multiple color detection, size grading, and foreign material removal in dry products. It sorts grains, pulses, seeds, coffee, nuts, and plastics in throughputs of up to 40 t/h.

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Key benefits

Automatic calibration during setup

Machine learning such as automatic calibration and product tracking makes it easier to set up the sorter. It also saves you time monitoring and making adjustments while the sorter is in operation.

Optimize yields, minimize waste

Product tracking software accurately classifies each grain as either accepted or rejected. This helps to stop good grains from being ejected. It also helps to prevent unclassified grains from recirculating back into the sorter.

Detects up to three color defects simultaneously

High-resolution color cameras detect up to three color defects simultaneously in one sorting pass. The sorter also detects particle shape and size, helping to maintain a consistent quality of products.

Highlight features

Food safety

InGaAs technology enhancing difficult-to-detect foreign materials

InGaAs technology enhances visibility of defects so the high-definition cameras can detect them. Visibility is enhanced even for those defects that are the same color as good products, such as sclerotia in sunflower seed.

Maximize profitability

PROfile technology for analyzing shape, size, and color

PROfile technology is an intelligent software that analyzes the pre-defined size, shape, and color of your product. It then removes unwanted product that does not meet these parameters. Typical applications include removing undersized, oversized, and broken particles.

Customized support worldwide

Quick access to spare parts, maintenance, and services

We have service centers in more than 140 countries. So you can get quick access to spare parts, services, and maintenance support. Or use our SORTEX Total Care SafeGuard service and give our expert engineers remote access to your sorter so they can make real-time adjustments. Our regional competence centers also offer research facilities, training, and consultancy.

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