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Drum sieve

By pre-cleaning, our drum sieve LAKA removes wood, corncobs, and other coarse objects from grain. It protects downstream equipment and is designed for terminals, ports, reception areas, and processing plants for grain, rice, and animal feed.

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Key benefits

Powerful throughput

The drum sieve is able to process up to 800 tons of grain or product per hour.

Designed for easy maintenance

The drum sieve LAKA is easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. With its large front door and removable panels on both sides of the machine, you can easily access the drum sieve to clean or maintain it.

Protect your downstream equipment and keep your processes running smoothly

Use the drum sieve LAKA at the beginning of your production process to remove coarse particles from grain. This helps to avoid damage to the downstream equipment and keeps your production process running smoothly.

Highlight features

The special design is key

Efficient coarse cleaning

The split sieve drum consists of an inlet and outlet cylinder with guided screw and various sieve combinations. This results in efficient coarse cleaning for high reception throughputs.

Maintenance options

Screen change and cleaning

Two options are available for easier changing and cleaning of the screens. By the swivel arm, the inlet channel can be swiveled out of the machine. The sieve drum can be easily removed by the stationary crane trolley.

Rugged design

Solid base frame for constant operation

The drum sieve LAKA features a solid base frame designed for continuous operation. You can also attach optional wear protection, thereby protecting your machine from wear and prolonging its lifetime.

Why did we invest in two Bühler drum sieves? As a big terminal, we receive 450000 tons per year from all over the world. The Bühler drum sieves remove large foreign particles without any problems and are very rugged in design. They also protect other equipment in our production process from being damaged.

Álvaro Barrio Pérez, Director TASA, Santander, Spain

The sieve is fully enclosed by a housing. This makes it safer for your operators to use and prevents dust and particles from entering your plant.

Key topics

Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. Our motto is creating “innovations for a better world.” Find out more about our key topics.

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