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Belt and bucket elevator

The belt and bucket elevator RGEL is a vertical conveyor for bulk materials such as grain, animal feed, pellets, and oilseed, with a high throughput of up to 1400 tons per hour.

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Key benefits

High sanitation standards

This elevator features round bolts. These are intended to reduce residue between the buckets and the bottom of the elevator. The casing also has a rounded shape to prevent dust settling on the machine.

Designed for easy maintenance

The belt and bucket elevator RGEL has a split elevator hood. This facilitates access to the elevator to carry out maintenance.

Rugged design

Wear-resistant materials protect components subjected to high wear and tear such as the inlet, boot, and head.

Highlight features

Designed for fast and easy installation

Save up to 80% of installation time

The elevator belts are pre-stressed. So you can carry out tensioning in just one step and reduce installation time by up to 80%.


Monitoring the elevator’s performance

The belt and bucket elevator RGEL has an integrated speed and belt skew monitor to track performance. It also comes with a temperature monitor for the bearings which will stop the conveyor if a bearing overheats.


Modular and flexible design

The elevator is designed in modules. This allows you to choose between a wide range of options to perfectly match your terminal, silo, or processing plant. Special attention was paid to design a particularly compact housing to facilitate shipping.

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