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Fluid-bed toaster


The AeroToast fluid-bed toaster uses high-velocity impingement technology to rapidly impart critical color, texture, and taste characteristics into your flaked or puffed products. Applications include drying, toasting, roasting, puffing, and cooling.

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Key benefits

Innovative design helps to reduce operating costs

The combination of high-velocity air and a re-circulated heated airflow delivers rapid heat transfer across the width and length of the processing zone, lowering your operating costs.

Impingement technology for the highest-quality product

High-velocity (impingement) air tubes provide consistent airflow, bringing you uniform product quality. During the conveying process, fluidized air agitates the product, generating a high thermal transfer rate to enhance color, texture, and size.

Precise control over texture and taste

Individually controllable process zones provide precise control over color, texture, and taste, making this fluid-bed toaster the hallmark solution for all of your cereal drying, toasting, and puffing.

Highlight features

Impingement airflow

Uniform, high-quality product

The AeroToast’s impingement airflow provides your product with a consistent exposure to high-velocity heated air, fluidizing the product bed to ensure that a uniform temperature is applied to the entire product. This results in even color, texture, and taste to meet your precise requirements.

Food-safe design

Superior sanitation

A fully-welded frame, ample access, and quality construction materials all help you to produce a safe product, while keeping cleaning downtime to a minimum.

Optional cooler

Highest-quality product ready for downstream processes

The optional airflow cooler provides a positive stop to the toasting process, ensuring your product meets your specific requirements. The cooler also prepares your product for packaging or further processing downstream.

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