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With its unique dual-plenum design and independent process zones, the AeroRoast brings you superior roasting for nuts and seeds. From peanuts and walnuts, to pumpkin and sunflower seeds, AeroRoast delivers uniform roasting across a wide range of products.

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Key benefits

Better use of energy

Direct-drive air-recirculation fans, high-efficiency drive motors and burners, and advanced control over the drying process are all designed to reduce your energy consumption in this energy-intensive process.

Perfect roast, all the time.

The AeroRoast’s dual-plenum design delivers the most consistent and uniform roasting available. No cold spots, no hot spots, just even, reliable roasting you can rely on, every time.

Increased profitability with greater yield

The AeroRoast’s unique and uniform airflow with individually-controlled process zones ensures less product is out of specification, bringing you higher profitability with a greater saleable yield.

Superior roasting performance

Dual-plenum design

Consistent, high product quality

The dual-plenum design delivers uniform exposure of heated air to the entire product bed. High-velocity air from the left and right side of the conveyor, as well as from above and below, provides the most even roast available. Individually-controlled process zones give you the flexibility to achieve the desired roast, color, and texture you need for each product.

Hygienic design

Clean, safe operation

A stainless-steel construction and an open design make cleaning easier, providing more uptime for your production and reducing the risk of allergen contamination. Sloped surfaces throughout the roaster's interior also help with cleaning, while large exterior and interior doors provide excellent access.

Energy efficiency

Smart use of energy

Advanced controls allow you to automatically manage the overall drying process to achieve high energy efficiency with excellent product quality.

The perfect roast relies on a uniform product bed, and that’s what the AeroRoast’s hopper feeder is specially designed to deliver. Featuring internal baffles to spread the product and level sensors and adjustable flow gates to regulate the product flow, the hopper feeder ensures a consistent and even product stream onto your conveyor belt.

A rotating cleaning brush on the conveyor return continually cleans the conveyor belt during operation. Fully adjustable in height, this brush keeps the perforations in your conveyor clear and removes debris, helping to maintain an optimal airflow. It also makes cleaning easier and more effective.

An innovative dropboard at the outlet end of the roaster provides a gentle exit on to the discharge conveyor. This prevents your products from being broken, chipped, or scarred, ensuring a high-quality product.

Large internal and external doors provide superior access to the roaster’s processing zones, making cleaning and maintenance easier. Pitched floors gather and direct cleaning fluids to a drain for takeaway. The roaster’s open design and the optional bed-washing system also make cleaning faster and more effective.

AeroRoast's hopper feeder AeroRoast's hopper feeder The AeroRoast's hopper feeder supplies the roaster with an even product bed.
The AeroRoast's rotating brush keeps the conveyor clean, providing consistent performance.
The AeroRoast discharge is specially designed for gentle handling.

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