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Hot air expander for pellet snacks


Replacing oil with hot air for expansion, the AeroExpander allows snack food processors to reduce costs and provide a healthier snack. High-velocity air circulation, unique conveying, and precise temperature control deliver high quality in every batch.

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Key benefits

Reduce operating costs

The AeroExpander eliminates the frying process, reducing oil usage by up to 75%. This can result in savings of more than USD $500000 per year in an average 1200-kg/h line, while satisfying an increased demand for healthier, reduced-fat snacks.

Consistent and complete pellet expansion

Your snack pellets are expanded during a continuous conveying process using high-velocity air and precise control, achieving 100% expansion of your product with the right bulk density, color, and texture.

Highly flexible

The standard sizes of the AeroExpander are designed to fit compact spaces within existing or new plant layouts. The unit's modular design brings you quick installation with minimal set-up.

Highlight features

Impingement airflow

Consistent, efficient pellet expansion

The dual-plenum airflow design with a high-velocity impingement air delivery system provides rapid thermal transfer, ensuring uniform expansion of all your pellets. The result is excellent product consistency with tight control of expansion, bulk density, color, and texture. The recirculation of heated process air increases energy efficiency, reducing your overall utility costs.

Focus on food safety

Clean, continuous production

The unique product conveyor system features a compartmented construction, ensuring ‘first in, first out’ product tracking for the highest food safety standards. The AeroExpander’s heavy-duty construction features food grade materials.

Powerful performance

Operator-friendly controls

An intuitive, graphic machine interface provides your operators with quick, simple, and precise control over all aspects of machine operation, including recipe management, time, temperature, fan speeds, start-up, and shutdown. You can customize the AeroExpander to meet the precise expansion needs of a broad range of pellets, including corn, wheat, rice, potato, or a combination of ingredients.

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