Product range

SORTEX A range

Product range

SORTEX A range

The SORTEX A range has four technology variants, each designed for different levels of defect detection. The SORTEX A is an ATEX-compliant optical sorter for a variety of grains, seeds, coffee, nuts, plastic and pulses. Depending on the requirements the sorter can be customized with tailored options to meet individual processing need


Introducing the SORTEX A optical sorter

Designed to remove contaminants

Ensuring consistent operation

Showcasing Bühler innovation with new advanced inspection and lighting systems, this state-of-the-art technology provides the ultimate sorting solution, whatever the difficulty of the application.

Highlight Features

Enhance defect detection

Minimizing product re-sorting with InGaAs technology

The SORTEX A range can use InGaAs technology which detects defects which cannot be seen within the visible color spectrum. Using infrared technology, the SORTEX A’s camera reads light reflection as well as color registration, resulting in a superior separation of good product from foreign material of the same color.

PROfile technology

Three powerful proprietary analysis systems

A combination of three dynamic technologies which enables the SORTEX A to peform even the most complex sorting tasks. Consistenting of shape, size and color detection to deliver consistent, uniform product quality at the highest capacity possible. 

One sorter for multiple products

Configurable options to match different product types

Our Bühler sales engineers will advise you on the best possible machine configurations to meet your sorting requirements. The configuration options include camera filters and chutes.

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