Food Application Center (FAC), Plymouth MN - USA






Food Application Center (FAC), Plymouth MN - USA







The FAC in Minneapolis is a unique installation, a playground for the food industry. Drawing on 160 years of food processing expertise, we’ve created this pilot plant as a platform for developing new ways to transform peas, chickpeas, beans, corn, oats, special grains and many other crops, into flours, flakes, snacks, pasta, cereals, meat analogs, food ingredients, and a myriad of extruded products. The new food solutions created here will lead to more sustainable food systems and better nutrition for millions of people.


Our playground for the Food Industry

Specialty Milling Center
For processing pulses, corn, oats, ancient grains, oil seeds and several other crops
Extrusion Center
For extruded ingredients, food products, vegetarian pet food, alternative proteins and meat analogs
The FAC is a playground for the Food Industry, allowing the creation of thousands of new products and processes.

Location Highlights

The Future of Food is Now!

Bühler’s Food Application Center (FAC) in Minneapolis exemplifies our vision for the Future of Food. We see a future built on sustainability, nutrition, safety and collaboration. A future where every human has access to healthy and nutritious food, while safeguarding the precious resources of our planet. A future where the food industry can work together to create Innovations for a better World.

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