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Webinar:Vacuum coating of flexible substrates by Buhler Leybold Optics

November 17, 2020
60 minutes

The Leybold Optics Market Segment Flexible provides Roll-to-Roll vacuum-coating machines and processes for applications such as flexible photonic coatings, metalizing of electrical-film-capacitors and packaging -and specialty-packaging coatings. The Leybold Optics Market Segment Flexible operates at sites in Alzenau-Germany and Beijing-China.

Optical layers are a well-established demand in the vacuum coating industry, including applications for the coating of eye glasses or precision optics with anti-reflective layer stacks. Other applications range from decorative or reflective coatings of 3 dimensional objects in various sizes towards large scale low e coatings of architectural glass. Industrial trends in sustainability, demands in cost savings, special applications and high volume lead to an increase of those products using R2R vacuum coating equipment. The improvement of the vacuum coated layer adhesion for different packaging film types is an add on to this presentation given at the AIMCAL 2020 conference.


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Peter Wohlfahrt

Flexible Market Segment Manager, Bühler

Peter's career started 1989 with LEYBOLD AG and he held various positions in Operations, Project-Management, Sales-Management and General-Management within the successor companies of LEYBOLD in Germany and the USA until today. 

He completed his Electrical Engineering studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Friedberg-Germany with an Engineer degree in 1989 and he received a MBA degree from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in 2014.

Thomas Glomb

Flexible Senior Sales Manager, Bühler

After his university education in Applied Physics he started his business carrier in 1986 at Leybold Heraeus GmbH as Process Start-up engineer for optical coatings and worked for the company in different positions in Germany and Spain. 

From 1999 until 2018 he was active in various companies in Product Management and Sales in the field of vacuum components and vacuum machinery.

In 2018 he joint Buehler Leybold Optics to conduct the worldwide sales activities with our customers and Buehler’s local companies and representatives in the web coating business. 

Dr. Michael Mücke

Head of Flexible R&D and Product Manager, Bühler

Dr. Michael Mücke's career started 1996 with Singulus Technologies AG in the development of magnetron sputtering sources. He completed his university studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany with a Ph.D. degree in Physics. 

After 11 years of experiences in PVD he changed to the field of electron beam and laser beam welding working as head of research and development as well as managing director for the Global Beam Technologies Group.   

Joining Buehler Leybold Optics he expands technologies of vacuum deposition for the R2R industry. 

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