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Webinar: Hygienic flour processing - how to reduce food safety risks in milling

September 17, 2020
60 minutes

Everyone deserves access to safe food. According to the WHO, each year sees 600 million people fall ill through eating contaminated foodstuffs. Safe food is vital concern of the milling industry. The food safety risks associated with non-ready-to-eat, cereal-based products such as flours have traditionally been considered to be relatively low risk. 

But low risk does not mean no risk. A number of well-documented outbreaks of food-borne illness have shown that dry foods may act as a vehicle for bacteria, mycotoxins, pest incl. foreign materials. The food industry and the scientific community are now paying closer attention to this topic and therefore stricter food safety regulations are now being enforced. How does the milling industry fight against cross-contamination? 



  • The assessment of hazards as a key to ensuring food safety 
  • Hygienic design and new technologies contributing to safe flour
  • Powerful role of traceability and digitalization 
  • How can Bühler assist you to evaluate food safety risks and choose the best possible measures to control them (safefood.ai)

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Edyta Margas

Global Head of Food Safety, Bühler

Edyta Margas is Global Head of Food Safety at Bühler AG and responsible for setting the company’s food safety strategy, choosing key focus areas for future food safety developments, conducting food safety trainings and setting Bühler’s global standards. She is involved in key R&D and customers’ projects in areas related to hygienic design, process validation and food safety hazards management. In Edyta’s previous role at Campden BRI (2006 – 2013, food research institute), she was responsible for leading research, consultancy and training projects in areas related to emerging processing methods and factory hygiene issues.

Peter Striegl

Head of Innovation & Academy Milling Solutions, Bühler

Peter Striegl joined Bühler in 1998 after graduating the Swiss Milling School as a milling technologist. After completing assignments in plant commissioning, he was made responsible for the milling technology in Northern Europe. Back to the headquarters in Switzerland, Peter Striegl was heading the technology department of Milling Solutions in Switzerland. From 2012 to 2015 he was responsible for the milling technology worldwide. Since 2015 Peter Striegl is the Head of Business Development in the Business Unit Wheat & Rye, Uzwil, Switzerland.

Martin Ellegast

CEO Wingmen Group

The 40-year old holds an engineering degree in mechanical engineering/process engineering and an Executive MBA. Already during his studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance, he became acquainted with Bühler as an intern and wrote his thesis about the company. In 2005 he started his career at Bühler and got to know the company from the bottom up, first in project management in Grain Milling, then in Bühler Yokohama/Japan during a two-year stay abroad, followed by sales for England and South Asia, in 2015 he took over the management of the business unit Bakery & Ingredient Handling and 2017 he move to manager of sales and marketing in the business area Milling solutions. Since 2019 he became CEO of Wingmengroup . 



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