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Webinar: From ownership to parenting - How our relation to pets is impacting the petfood business

August 20, 2020

As a new generation of pet owner is entering the market, consumers are increasingly looking for pet food products to mirror their own lifestyles and beliefs. This results in new market opportunities for products food and treats with new nutritional, sustainable and quality benefits.

Stay on top of current trends in the pet food industry and learn how manufacturers can bring innovative, high quality pet food products at scale to the growing markets of Southeast Asia & Oceania.



What you will take away in 60 minutes: 


  • Top trends in the pet food market in Southeast Asia& Oceania.
  • Processing technologies to bring innovative, high quality pet food products to market
  • Questions and answers




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Dustin O'Farrell

Regional Manager Human Nutrition - Bühler Southeast Asia & Oceania

Dustin O’Farrell is the Regional Manager for Human Nutrition in SEA. He joined Buhler in 2005, and throughout his tenure has been deeply involved in the Food Processing Industry within the fields of Customer Service, Process Engineering, and Sales and Service departments based in USA, China, and now in SEA. His involvement in Human Nutrition allows him the opportunity to work within various segments of the food processing industry, with an emphasis on value-added processes through extrusion, and energy savings in thermal operations.

Vianney d'Hostel

Regional Marketing Manager - Bühler Southeast Asia & Oceania

A marketer with over 10 years of international experience in innovative companies, Vianney now brings his expertise in identifying growth opportunities from market trends and consumer insights to the food and petfood market in Southeast Asia.

Roger Liang

Head of Bühler Application Center & Trainings (China), Bühler Academy - Asia Institute of Feeds Technology (AFT)

Roger Liang is the Head of Bühler Application Center & Trainings (Changzhou China), and holding Bühler Academy - Asia Institute of Feeds Technology (AFT) - focusing on training and developing feed industrial talents in Asia area as a key driver of Bühler strategy. He is also a senior process engineer, with 25 years careers in feed industry of multinational animal nutrition corporations, dedicated to compacting process technology of pellet press, expander, extruder to develop different kinds of diets for animals and pets.



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