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Webinar: Adding value with Special Grains and Pulses

October 14, 2020
75 minutes

Being a player in the food industry is as challenging as never before. Amidst a very fast changing and volatile environment, the spectrum of consumers today is highly segmented and as mindful in its food choices as never before. On top of that, our planet demands to urgently operate in a much more environmental-friendly way. And although we are conscious about the need to follow the sustainability call, it is challenging to find opportunities to do this in a profitable way.

Pulses, Oats and Maize have accompanied us in many traditional dishes since ever. But these grains do not only evoke emotions and good food memories; they also offer multiple opportunities to feed the growing world population in a sustainable way. Additionally these ingredients comply in diverse ways with the major needs of current and future consumers. Let’s explore the opportunities in these fields together. Join us in this webinar to dig deeper into the current and future consumer trends. Sign in to get an introduction into Bühler’s value addition process chains in the promising business fields of special grains and pulses. We look forward to count with your participation!



  • Overview of current food trends
  • Deep dive into options to cater the trends (oats, pulses and maize) 
  • How to tackle some of the most pressing challenges in food processing
  • Embracing sustainability in the traditional food production 
  • Innovative business cases with next generation ingredients 




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Andreas Risch

Head of Business Unit Special Grains and Pulses, Bühler AG

Andreas Risch has over 20 years of experience in the food industry. As head of the Special Grains and Pulses Business Unit, he is a dynamic business leader, who steers his team at the forefront of research and development in the thriving market of pulses, oats and maize. Having joined Bühler Group as an apprentice in automation engineering, he has since progressed in the areas of project engineering, sales and marketing and global market development within Europe, Africa and the Americas.

He holds a degree in electro technology and business administration. Andreas earned a degree in milling technology from the Swiss School of Milling, and completed a strategic marketing management course at Harvard Business School.

Special grains and pulses play an evolutionary role in achieving sustainable global food production and supply. Analyzing the social and business impact of megatrends, the demands of significant population growth relative to the looming protein gap, water scarcity and efficient land usage, is vital for the future of food solutions. 

In the current changing environmental and social climate across the world, it is increasingly challenging to differentiate your business from your competitors, and at the same time produce healthy, safe and ethical foods that cater for megatrends.

At Bühler Group, we are leaders in the area of research and development. We are committed to ensuring that trends are serviced economically, ethically and sustainably. Our innovations, expertise and global footprint will help your business prosper in this shifting food supply environment.

Tino Boehm

Head of Business Segment Maize, Bühler AG

Tino Boehm is the Head of the Business Segment Maize. Tino blends leadership, international experience and comprehensive expertise in the milling industry. He has done a remarkable contribution in the development and growth of the special grains business. His deep customer understanding and technology knowhow have been key in the development of core innovative technologies in the special grains processing field.

Tino joined Bühler in 2008 as Process Engineer. During six years in this role, he gained extensive knowledge of products and market requirements in the business of oats, maize, soya and various other ancient and local grains. In 2014 Tino accepted the challenge to lead the Sales Team Specialty Milling in North America. Beginning 2020 he returned to Switzerland taking over as Head of Business Segment Maize. In this new role Tino is highly committed driving the implementation of much more sustainable processing methods in the maize industry dedicated to the singular needs and challenges of the different global regions.

Mathias Hannsbauer

Head of Business Segment Oats, Bühler AG

Mathias Hannsbauer is the global Head of Bühler’s Oats business segment. He has one of the broadest expertise in the oats process technology. He is an out of the box thinker with a very objective business mindset. Matthias did his apprenticeship as plant and equipment manufacturer with focus on Technology. Afterwards Mathias graduated at the Swiss Milling School SMS with his master course in 2008 and was thereafter delegated to Joinville as Milling Technologist in Sales support until 2015. For the following four years Mathias headed the Chile office as Country Manager before returning to Switzerland in 2019 to take the lead of the business segment of oats.  With high passion for the special grains business, Mathias has collected broad international experiences and especially his role in the development of the South American Oats market has been keen. Matthias high awareness on the importance of understanding the particular needs of every customer and developing targeted and unique solutions case by case, has led to the deployment of many successful business case in the fields of special grains and pulses all around the world.

Alexandra Londoño

Head of Business Segment Pulses, Bühler AG

Alexandra Londoño is the global Head of Bühler’s pulses and local grains business segment. For the past six years, she has contributed greatly to the development of the group’s strategic business fields, identifying major trends, anticipating customer needs in several processing areas, and driving innovations. Alexandra has 10 years of experience in global market development in B2B and B2C in both European- and South American working environments. She has a first degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA in International Management from the reputed German ESB Business School. Alexandra is currently leading the development of innovative technology applications to extract the full protein potential of pulses as an ingredient, add value to food products and thereby contribute to sustainability and food security.

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