24-hour automation hotline

ValueCard Automation

24-hour automation hotline

ValueCard Automation

Minimal downtimes through 24/7 support

Practice-based accounting

Low investment costs

High transparency


The Bühler ValueCard offers a simple, practice-based charging system for customized online automation support in all areas of grain milling and food processing. By purchasing the ValueCard, the Bühler customer receives 25 credits. One credit is equal to one hour of support during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm CET). Outside of these hours and on legal holidays, the charge is two credits per hour of support. Purchased credits can be redeemed around the clock, 365 days a year. As soon as 20 credits have been used, a new ValueCard is issued automatically. Less downtime via 24/7 support.

No matter when a customer calls with a problem, Bühler's automation experts spring into action immediately: They access the system online, locate the source of the problem and immediately take the appropriate measures. Quick reaction times minimize production downtimes and prevent financial losses.


Simple, practice-based charging via credits.
With the Bühler ValueCard, support has already been paid for in advance. This helps to avoid bureaucratic hassles, especially in the case of international services.


Low investment costs.
Customers pay only for the support they actually receive: This represents a considerable savings compared to conventional automation support contracts.


High support service transparency at all times.
Checking to see which support services have already been used is possible online at all times. This not only provides a high degree of transparency; it also gives customers the opportunity to diagnose recurring problems themselves.