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Bedizzole (Italy), August, 2022 – Overhauls of die-casting machines have been part of the Bühler portfolio for a long time and can be performed in-house for about 10 years now. Customers take advantage of this offer to ensure the productivity of their plants for many years to come. The 10th anniversary of Bühler Brescia was celebrated this summer. 

The province of Brescia in northern Italy is the homeland of die casting and many companies in the region have specialized in this field. The company Brescia Presse has been specialized in overhauling die-casting machines since the 1980s, offering full and partial overhauls for die-casting machines. At that time still stationed in Castel Mella, a suburb of Brescia, machines with a size of up to 2,500 tons locking force were overhauled by the specialists.

Over the years, the former Brescia Presse company and Bühler developed a close collaboration, which resulted in an acquisition of the company. In 2019, the new facility of Bühler Brescia was opened in Bedizzole, northern Italy. The area of 6,600m² allows for more flexibility – on the one hand, it is possible to work on several die-casting machines simultaneously, and on the other hand, 1,500m² are available for training and customer service. 

The Bühler Brescia site in Bedizzole covers an area of 6,600m². The Bühler Brescia site in Bedizzole covers an area of 6,600m². The Bühler Brescia site in Bedizzole covers an area of 6,600m².

The latest developments in the plant allow the revision of even larger die-casting machines. Systems with locking forces of up to 4,400 tons can be overhauled, and the first project involving 4,200 tons systems is currently in progress. Bühler Brescia has now been part of Bühler for 10 years, and this was celebrated today with a positive look into the future. 

The advantages of an overhaul

When the cell uptime of a die-casting machine is declining and productivity is consequently affected, an overhaul is the obvious choice. Based on Bühler’s extensive experience, an overhaul can reset the production clock to zero and return the machine to its initial productivity level. The return on investment can also be maintained. Due to the advanced development in die casting in recent years, the performance of a die-casting machine can even be increased with the help of innovations such as DataView control or an improved safety concept. In addition, the overhaul requires about 70 % less energy and water compared to the production of a new die casting machine, while at the same time preserving many tons of material in its original form of use. Consequently, the overhaul of a die casting machine results in up to 67 % less CO₂ emissions than the production of a new machine.


For the remanufacturing, machines from all over the world are shipped to Bedizzole and disassembled into their individual parts. After cleaning the parts, an analysis is carried out by the experts. Together with the customer, the detailed revision plan is worked out for the best possible performance of the machine. After the overhaul, the machine is repainted, reassembled and extensively tested. It is only after this is done that the die casting machine is returned to the customer “as good as new”, installed and recommissioned.

A disassembled machine at Bühler Brescia. A disassembled machine at Bühler Brescia. A disassembled machine at Bühler Brescia.

Contact us for more information on overhauls and retrofits directly at dc.retrofit@buhlergroup.com or visit our website. Customers are welcome to visit the facility in Bedizzole at any time.


Watch the video to see how our experts can reset the production clock of your machine to zero.

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