Precision-engineered weighing and dosing solutions


Precision-engineered weighing and dosing solutions

From storage to the finished end product, precise weighing and dosing are integral parts of a successfully operated plant. 

Hopper scales are installed in the internal process control and ensure accurate weight registration in a broad performance range. Bühler loss-in-weight dosing scales measure and control continuous processes accurately and reliably. The micro-dosing process controls the precise addition of micro-ingredients and produces customized end products of a consistent quality.


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Complete solution from silos to unloading

Packaging solutions

Accurate packaging and palletizing equipment. Available as stand-alone or complete bagging solutions. From manual to fully automatic, handling different bag materials and weights.


Sensing solutions

Various analyzers to help you optimize your production. From capacity, particle size to color and speck analyzers, our sensing solutions offer accurate data. Enabling you to optimize your production or use it to ensure consistent product quality.



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