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Stationary ship loader


The Bühler stationary ship loader Portaload is a high-throughput ship loader for grain and raw materials. Its efficient loading system cuts down berthing times, can save installation costs and loads a wide range of ships up to Post-Panamax class.

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Key benefits

High loading throughput

The stationary Portaload is designed to load ships quickly and with minimum interruption. Its high-capacity belt conveyors drive high throughputs from 800 t/h to 3000 t/h per boom.

Full loading capacity for shorter berthing times

To load, you can use each boom individually or use two booms to load the same hatch. Two booms can work closely together due to the slender structure of the loaders and the boom's kick system.

Cut down energy use

The low position of the boom means that you only need to lift the product a short height. This reduces the energy consumption of the conveyors and keeps the electrical installation’s rating to a minimum.

Highlight features

A quicker way to load ships

Highly flexible loading booms

The booms can move 180° across the ship with a 90° kick system. Their telescopic spouting also means they can get close to a hatch, reducing dust emission and cutting down the free drop height of the product.

Handle a wide range of ships

Be ready for post-Panamax vessels

The stationary Portaload ship loader can load a wide range of ships. Use four if you want to load post-Panamax. This system helps to get ready for larger ships without the need to invest in new infrastructure.

Cost-effective design

Lower boom height, lower set-up and running costs

The loader’s low boom helps to reduce investment and running costs. Due to the lower boom, a less high tower structure is needed, thus reducing construction costs. A lower boom also requires less elevation of the product, helping to save energy and costs.

I have to say that the loaders are performing as advertised, they’re doing really well. I would partner with Bühler again. I think we got a good product here.

Bryan P. Colclough, General Manager, Zen-Noh, USA

The stationary Portaload is a great solution for upgrading existing stationary loaders. For minimal disruption of your loading process, the Portaload is pre-assembled offsite before delivery.

Our dust suppressor slows the product down before gently releasing it into the hold, producing minimal dust emissions. The dust suppressor works independently from the loader.

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