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Mobile ship loader


The mobile Portaload has a high throughput of 800 to 3000 tons per hour. It can provide short berthing times and is a reliable loader for bulk materials.

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Key benefits

Efficient loading saves costs

The mobile Portaload completely fills the hatch while minimal interference by the operator is needed. Its high performance helps to cut down on operating costs, personnel costs, and mooring costs.

High-throughput loading and short berthing times

The mobile Portaload offers a high throughput of up to 3000 tons per hour.

High availability

The Portaload has few wear parts which are also very sturdy. This increases uptime and decreases the need for maintenance, producing a reliable loader which is critical for running an export terminal.



Highlight Features

Highly efficient ship loading

Tried and tested worldwide, with short berthing times

Our mobile ship loader is tried and tested, installed in ports and terminals all over the world. It handles bulk materials such as grain, oilseed, and derivatives. With its high throughput, berthing times can be reduced. The versatile loader can load a wide variety of ships and is able to travel alongside a ship.

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