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Aspiration channel

The aspiration channel is a high-throughput cleaning machine. It cleans lighter impurities from grain and separates them by weight. You can use it for many grains and pulses, including common wheat, durum, corn, rye, soybeans, oats and cocoa beans.

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Key benefits

High throughput

The aspiration channel can process up to 24 tons of grain per hour in the main cleaning process in a mill. It can pre-clean up to 100 tons per hour in silos.

Two models for different cleaning applications

You can use the MVSG as a stand-alone aspiration channel. Or use the MVSH with our MTRB separator to evenly distribute the grain before it enters the machine.

Designed for easy operation

You can check the cleaning process through a large transparent partition, and add optional lighting inside the machine if needed. The aspiration channel has an air control gate, so you can easily change the air velocity.

Highlight features

High throughput

An even distribution of product helps to increase throughput

The aspiration channel creates a constant curtain of product and distributes it evenly across the entire width of the machine. This creates a high throughput by using the full capacity of the machine. The MVSG/H can process up to 24 tons per hour, cleaning grain and pulses. It can process up to 100 tons per hour as a pre-cleaner in silos.

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Application possibilities

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