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Webinar: Safe storage - mitigating losses through optimized grain management

Aug 26 / Sep 2, 2020
English / Spanish
1 hour

Minimizing losses and maximizing the yield is the ultimate goal of every food and feed processor. Modern food and feed processing plants are equipped with the latest technology and even small deviations in yield are easily detectable. The possibilities to further increase the yield in these processes are thus limited. 

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), about 1.3 billion tons (approximately 30%) of food are globally wasted or lost per year and even though losses due to poor storage facilities and practices have a significant share, they are still often neglected.


This webinar will shed some light on how proper grain management and safe storage can help to minimize losses and safeguard the final product quality.


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What you would take away from thsi webinar:

  • Types of grain storage
  • Which factors to take into account when investing in a storage solution
  • Using new technology to improve storage conditions and minimize losses
  • Food safety considerations in grain storage
  • Grain chilling as a tool to minimize losses and improve raw material quality




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Dr. Anna Vega

Head of Competence Center Paddy to Rice, Head of International Rice Milling Academy, Bühler

Anna started her career in 2010 as a research associate at the Institute of Applied Themo and Fluid dynamics (IATF) in Konstanz, Germany, covering topics like food drying and conservation, reduction of post-harvest losses as well as novel food processing technologies. After obtaining her PhD in Agricultural Engineering, she joined Bühler in 2015 and took over the new role as Food Quality Expert for the Business Area Grain Quality & Supply. In 2018 she shifted to Bühler India and is currently heading the Competence Center Paddy to Rice as well as the International Rice Milling Academy in Bangalore, India. She is furthermore part of the Bühler Food Safety Expertise team.

Saioa Villodas

Product Manager Grain Storage, Bühler

Saioa is a Product Manager for Silos in the Business Unit Grain Storage, with more than 10 years of experience in the solids handling field. Saioa joined Bühler in April 2019, coordinating worldwide projects involving silos. Before joining Bühler, she worked for Silos manufacturers and EPC plant development; having knowledge of international standards in Grain Storage plants. Her educational background includes a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Engineering University of Bilbao, as well as a master in International Trade Management. At the same time, she is member of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Abhilasha Sharma

Food Safety Officer – Grain Quality & Supply, Bühler

Abhilasha is Food Safety officer for Bühler Grain Quality & Supply. She has been working in Food Microbiology, Quality Assurance and Food Safety for the last 10 years. She had worked for the evaluation and validation of hygienic aspects of equipment and process lines, hygienic design of production building, process equipment and process lines, preparing GMP guidelines and procedures, ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP & hygiene auditing and trainings.Currently her core areas of work are safe storage, mycotoxin reduction solutions, hygienic design of equipment, food contact materials, equipment cleaning instructions and trainings in Grain Quality & Supply. Abhilasha is as well a core member of the Bühler Food Safety Expertise team

Rahul Khanna

CEO Grain Technik Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India

Rahul holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada with almost 15 years or experience in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. He worked in industrial HVAC and compressor product sales at Flowserve Corporation, Canada, before setting up and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration company in New Delhi, India. His company engineers and manufactures specialized heavy duty air conditioning systems for applications with very high ambient temperature conditions, with highly dusty and corrosive atmospheres. Grain Technik was formed to cater to the needs of the agriculture sector where losses of grain during storage have been a consistent problem. With the use of grain chillers manufactured by his company, a natural preservation of the grain can be ensured during storage, while maintaining quality and quantity.

Dr. Gerardo Morantes

Director Food Safety North America, Bühler

Gerardo is a professional Nutritionist and Mycotoxin expert with a proven track record of more than 25 years in the Global and U.S. Food, Feed, Grains, and Oilseeds industries. He is the Director of Food Safety-North America for Bühler Inc. In this position, he has the opportunity to collaborate with customers across the entire food & feed supply chain. He is also a member of the Bühler Global Food Safety team, leading and driving innovations in food safety technologies to develop customer solutions across the value chain that can be applied globally. Before joining Bühler, he worked for Cargill, Inc.in Wayzata, MN; the Continental Grain Co. in Chicago, Illinois and the Ralston Purina Co. in different locations. His educational background includes an Agricultural Engineer degree from the University of Costa Rica. Dr. Morantes completed both his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Science (M.Sc.) degrees in Nutrition at the University of Florida.



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