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Webinar: Contamination control in pet food production

July 1, 2020
45 minutes

In this webinar we show you the importance of food safety in the pet food production and the measures which can be implemented to reduce the risk of product contamination. Learn how we can help you to validate and monitor your extrusion processes as a trusted kill step for bacteria. We will also show you digital solutions to achieve best final product moisture, as well as, hygienic equipment and plant design possibilities. 

In the last years, hundreds of pet food products had to be recalled due to microbiological contamination with Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli or others. Each of these incidents has had devastating consequences, not only on affected people and animals, but also on pet food producers. On one side, product recalls can lead to costs of USD 10 million* and on the other side, they harm the reputation of the brands and companies with reported median loss in corporate value of USD 240 million**. 

*GMA, 2010
**Gomez and Marks, 2020



  • Food safety hazards and risk in pet food production (10 min)
  • Microbial validation and monitoring of extrusion, moisture control and hygienic design (20 min)
  • Q&A (15 min)

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Edyta Margas

Global Head of Food Safety, Bühler

Edyta Margas is responsible for setting the company’s food safety strategy, choosing key focus areas for future food safety developments, conducting food safety trainings, and setting Bühler’s global standards. She is involved in key R&D and customers’ projects in areas related to hygienic design, process validation and food safety hazards management.

Marcel Ramseyer

Head of Market Segment Pet Food, Bühler

Marcel Ramseyer, 37, Swiss and Dutch citizen, has been appointed as the new global segment manager for Bühler’s pet food business in January 2020.

He has been with Bühler since 1998 and got to know the company from the bottom up, first in various positions in project management, then in marketing- and product management, followed by heading the CF and VN R&D department at Bühler Bangalore / India during a two-year stay abroad.




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