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Webinar: Sensing in Feed - Multi-NIR Inline System

September 22, 2020
40 minutes

Feed millers in Europe are under constant pressure to achieve production targets such as optimized and stable nutrition values, constant feed quality and low production costs as well as high throughputs. However, different origin, type and state of raw material as well as storage and climate conditions result in further challenges to meet the desired production targets. Bühler's NIR-Sensor DCMA offers a complete system to measure the process and optimize nutritional values in real time in order to better achieve the desired production targets. 



  • Introduction to Bühler's NIR-Sensor DCMA
  • Applications and presentation of real life data gathered from installed sensors
  • Testimonial of a customer
  • Q&A session to address open questions of participants




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Simon Bal

Area Sales Manager Benelux​ Feed & Biomass, Bühler

Simon Bal joined Bühler in 2011 and holds the position of Area Sales Manager in the BeNeLux region for the Business Unit Animal Nutrition and since 2015 he takes also care of the Business Unit Human Nutrition specifically focusing on extrusion solutions. He leads different projects from single machines to complete processing lines in the feed and extrusion market. Focusing on improving profitability for the customer. He is responsible to develop the markets by establishing strong customer relationships as well as developing and applying new solutions together with leading and innovative customers in the industry.Simon is a Dutch citizen and holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Mechanical Engineering.  

Juste Hahne

Product Manager - Business Unit Digital Sense​, Bühler

Juste Hahne is Global Product Manager at Bühler AG in Switzerland and responsible for sophisticated online sensors applied in feed and food processing. She has joined Bühler sensing and automation team in 2012 after graduating the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Food Science. Since then she has been especially committed to various activities around the Near Infrared technology, leading to a long-term experience in calibration model development, technology's practical application in various feed and food processing plants, as well as in user's training and customer service. In Juste's current role, she is responsible for future industry's benefits emerging from online quality sensing and control.



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