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Webinar: rise of whole wheat flour in Asia: an opportunity for millers

February 25, 2021
60 minutes

With rising concerns over health and sustainability, consumers are turning to whole grains thanks to its positive reputation as a healthy superfood. Learn how you can tap into the growing trend of whole wheat - from milling to processing flour into delicious consumer products.


What you will take away from this webinar

  1. Popular terms used in the industry today & definitions (e.g. whole grain, whole meal, multi-grain, etc)
  2. Top trends in packaged foods using whole wheat flour
  3. Deep dive nutritional analysis of whole wheat
  4. Downstream applications for whole wheat flours
  5. Guide to milling top quality whole wheat flour
  6. Questions & Answers pooled from the audience via chat.

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Stefanie Hardtmann

Head of Bakery Innovation Center, Bühler Group

Stefanie Hardtmann is Head of Bakery Innovation Center based in Uzwil, Switzerland and Head of Mixing Innovation Center based in Almere, Netherland. Stefanie has a Degree in Food Engineering of Technical University of Berlin with the focus in innovative technologies and process technology. She holds extensive experience in continuous dough preparation and dough systems, extrusion and pasta technology, process engineering, research & development as well as training.

Marcel Züst

Regional Manager Milling Solutions, Bühler Group

Marcel Züst is Regional Manager Milling Solutions for Bühler Southeast Asia. With a technical background as a Mechanical Engineer, Marcel joined Buhler in 2008 and since that has been deeply involved in worldwide project executions and sales mainly for the flour milling industry. In this role, which he started January 2020, he overlooks the business development and sales for the milling industry business of the countries Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Vianney d'Hostel

Head of Regional Marketing & Business Intelligence, Bühler Group

A marketer with over 10 years of international experience in innovative companies, Vianney now brings his expertise in identifying growth opportunities from market trends and consumer insights to the grains & food industry in Southeast Asia.

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