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Ladling device


BuhlLadle provides precise and consistent dosing of up to 60 kg of liquid aluminum. Robustly designed for the foundry environment, it is integrated into the cell control unit of your Evolution, Fusion or Carat series for easy, accurate, and safe handling.

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Key benefits

Shorter cycle times

Faster, carefully controlled movements cut cycle times, even with higher dosing loads.

Integrated die-casting control

Graphical views within the die-casting display unit and central data make it easy to operate the system, manage alarms, carry out maintenance and manage documentation.

High dosing consistency

The BuhlLadle helps you achieve precise dosing of liquid aluminum, cutting waste and improving efficiency.

Highlight features

Easy to use

Fast setup and operation

Central operation, basic settings and diagnostics are controlled directly from the die-casting machine’s display unit at the touch of a button. This makes setup and operation quick and easy.

Easy to operate

Visualizations save time

BuhlLadle is integrated into the DataView cell control unit and is visualized on it. This makes it easier and more efficient to resolve possible disruptions.


Precise servo technology

The precise servo technology allows you to program speed and ladle angle, working to an accuracy of +/- 1.5%.


Flexible setup

Available in three sizes, the large horizontal paths as well as height adjustment with an optional tilt provide a high degree of freedom to match the movements of the BuhlLadle to your operation.


Easy to access

The extraordinary adjustment possibilities of the ladling device facilitate accessibility, allowing an ideal access to the shot sleeve.

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