The future of food


The future of food

It is estimated that there are more than 800 million undernourished people in the world, and UNICEF states that under-nutrition causes the deaths of around 3 million children a year. This can – and must – be stopped.

Without proper nutrition, children’s physical and cognitive growth – and lives – are at risk. But malnutrition is not just limited to the developing world. Poor diets and obesity are creating crises in higher income countries as well. At Bühler, we are developing new solutions to address these issues.

Addressing the nutrition challenge

A growing population means ever-increasing demand for food, while poor-quality diets remain a major risk factor for diseases. However, by working closely with key partners and developing innovative new solutions, it is possible to provide everyone with the nutrients they need. 

New sources of protein

By the middle of this century, it is estimated that an extra 265 million tons of protein will be needed to meet the demands of the world’s population. Finding new protein sources is essential. From texturized vegetable protein to pulses and algae to insects, we are leading the way in developing sustainable alternatives.

Future of food

Whereas the "hidden hunger" caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies may not produce the visible symptoms we associate with severe malnutrition, it remains a serious and widespread issue. Affordable and nutritious food can help eradicate this problem.  

Bühler is partner of EIT Food

At Bühler, we are developing new solutions to address the challenges of "the future of food". Therefore we maintain partnerships with several innovative companies, whose goal it is, to provide more sustainable food.

One of our main partner is EIT Food. It is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative. 

Insect processing - start of a new industry

Bühler, together with Protix, is developing a new solution for industrial processing of insects. This protein source for feed is a more sustainable alternative to existing sources like fish.

Future-proof food supplies

Creating sustainable nutritious food supplies requires new protein sources and active partnerships.

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