About us

Healthy food and clean mobility

About us

Healthy food and clean mobility

Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. For this, we develop the best process solutions along complete value chains. Two billion people each day enjoy foods produced on Bühler equipment; and one billion people travel in vehicles manufactured with parts produced with our machinery. Having this global relevance, we are in a unique position to turn today’s global challenges into sustainable and good business.


Facts about Bühler

2 billion
safely feeding the global population
Two billion people consume foods that are made with Bühler processes on a daily basis. These include flour, rice, pasta, chocolate, coffee, and beer.
> 140
in the region, for the region
We have a presence in over 140 countries with 100 service stations, over 30 manufacturing sites, and 25 application centers.
50 %
of new cars
Half of the new cars worldwide have die-cast components produced with Bühler technology.
Our businesses

Leading processes solutions and sustainable value chains

Bühler has two business pillars: Grains & Food solutions ensure safe and healthy food and feed. Advanced Materials contributes to the production of energy-efficient vehicles and buildings.

“Our Grains & Food (GF) solutions and technologies help manufacturers make safe and healthy finished products for human and animal nutrition.”

CEO Grains & Food
  • Chocolate and Coffee provides complete solutions for processing cocoa beans to high-quality chocolate masses and develops coffee and nuts into tasty end products.
  • Consumer Foods sets standards in the production of sweets and snacks, from chocolate bars to enrobed and filled sweets such as wafers, cookies and confectionery as well as savory snacks.
  • Digital Technologies offers sorting machines, industrial measuring machines, sensors, control systems, and service-driven products for the food and non-food processing industries.
  • Grain Quality & Supply provides high-quality, safe processing solutions for grain logistics, cleaning and storage, malting and brewery, and rice. It aims to increase efficiency, improve traceability, and reduce food loss.
  • Milling Solutions (Wheat & Grains, Pulses) delivers state-of-the art process technology for transforming raw materials such as wheat, rye, oats, corn, and pulses into high-grade flour and semolina products.
  • Value Nutrition is the global solution and technology partner for producers of animal feed, pet food, aqua feed, pasta and noodles, vegetable oil, cereals, and snacks.

“We want to help protect the environment with energy-efficient vehicles, technologies, and buildings.”

CEO Advanced Materials
  • Die Casting is the global technology partner for all high-pressure die-casting needs and supports its customers through all phases of their investment.
  • Grinding and Dispersing offers future-oriented wet mixing, grinding, and dispersing technology solutions for a variety of industries.
  • Leybold Optics specializes in the development and manufacturing of vacuum-coating by physical vapor deposition equipment.

"We are transforming our service offering, to go broader and deeper, creating two partnerships with customers, to help them achieve their goals in the long-term."


Chief Services & Sales Officer

Our organization

Being a Swiss family business in the fifth generation, Bühler and its leaders are oriented on values such as trust, respect and sustainability.  

Our core topics

Eight topics to make the world a better place

We believe, that business success and sustainability are mutually dependent. Sustainability is not only an environmental imperative, it makes business sense. Find out in the eight topics, how we transform global challenges into business opportunities.

Why Bühler

From value to impact

An ecosystem for sustainability and success

The challenges we face today on the global market and in the environment are too vast to solve alone. The solutions we need demand collaborative ecosystems where groups from science to industry to startups work together. Bühler has followed a collaborative innovation approach for a decade and our CUBIC campus will help us reach new levels.

Know-how makes the difference

Bühler has been a pioneer in training and education since its foundation. Today, our businesses offer training courses for our customers; for example, we run milling schools on all continents. We educate a total of 600 apprenticies each year at our locations in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the US, Brazil, China, India, and South Africa.

Data is the new oil

How can digital technologies help us solve global challenges and increase business performance? How can we manage the integration of the physical and virtual world? We are all in the midst of digital transformation, and Bühler has taken a leading role to unleash its full potential to the benefit of our customers, the world, and ourselves.

Close to you

We are close to our customers and partners. With 100 service stations, over 30 manufacturing sites, and 25 application centers, Bühler operates in a truly global network. Although many things can be done online today, a physical presence is irreplaceable to cover regional market requirements and support customer performance.

The power of inclusive diversity

We want every Bühler employee to have the same opportunities for personal development. We want to access and leverage the best skill sets available internally and externally, independent of individual attributes. We want to create the best possible environment for collaboration and performance.

Hunger for fresh ideas and passionate talents

If you are looking not for a job but for a purposeful assignment which requires passion, ambition, and dedication, you should take a closer look at Bühler. We offer an environment in which you can develop and grow your competencies. We know that it takes the best people to change our industries, the world, and ourselves for the better.

Be part of Bühler

Join our global network of innovation and ideas.

The 6 key elements of our strategy :

We strive to create the best technologies to make our customers more successful in very dynamic market environments. 

The demand for sustainable solutions is revolutionizing our markets in the food, feed, and mobility industries, and as a technology provider with a clear aim to reduce climate change, we see ourselves as a driving force for the transition ahead.

With our food and feed business solutions and our focus on safety, we contribute to a better life.

With the solutions of our Advanced Materials business, we lower the energy consumption of various applications, most importantly in the mobility industry.

Since its founding, people have been the top priority at Bühler – from education and training to career development, health, and safety.

The freedom of being family owned enables us to set a long-term strategy for sustainable company development. 

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