Maintain your Bühler equipment


Maintain your Bühler equipment

Prolong the life of your machine, increase uptime, ensure consistent output and help reduce operating costs. In Bühler we differentiate between three basic types of maintenance approaches.


Reactive, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

It is unplanned and treats a defective or damaged equipment or part when an issue occurs. Unfortunately, this approach can lead to production interruption at the worst point in time and consequently not only results in a production delay, but also has a high cost and therefore a negative impact on the profitability of your business.

In contrast it is proactive and planned. Supported by frequent and predefined inspections to monitor the condition of equipment and parts, maintenance activities are scheduled. The schedules are made in such a way, that they have minimal effect on the ongoing production and with the goal that nothing breaks between the planned maintenance interventions. Preventive maintenance addresses the asset’s technical need based on the type and volume of the production perfectly and achieves maximized reliability and availability at lowest maintenance cost.

Today’s digital and data technologies allow us to add the predictive element on top, not being bound by a fixed schedule, but merely do the intervention at the right point in time, at the sweet spot, where cost/benefit are at the maximum. We have a growing portfolio of features that will be introduced over the coming months and years.

What approach to maintenance is best for your production? How are up-time improving services best delivered to your installations? What are your key performance indicators for your production – what are your goals for availability, reliability and cost? To find the best service solutions for your installed asset’s up-time improvements, considering all dependencies, we will jointly develop the concept to address your challenges and targets.


Customer testimonials

Our mill mainly consists of Bühler equipment. The specific knowledge that Bühler Service Engineers have about these machines, our processes and our products results after each service visit in an optimization of our mill. Bühler’s service engineers deliver high-quality work and only leave when everything is running smoothly.


Today`s cancer diagnostics and COVID19 tests are made through optical filters. Delta, a key supplier based in Denmark is a pioneer in the optical filter industry since the 1970s. Quality being the highest priority, especially in the medical field, Delta relies on Bühler as their trusted partner to keep their machines running 24/7. With preventive maintenance, downtime is kept to a minimum and planned thoroughly beforehand and Delta profits from having the right consumables on site at the right time. When spare parts are needed, they easily find and order them through the customer portal myBühler. Augmented reality glasses provide Delta with fast remote support close to them whenever they need support or an expert opinion.

Always a step ahead of disruption with preventive maintenance

Learn how Bühler`s preventive maintenance solutions can help you today – watch our recorded webinar and find out more!


Always a step ahead of disruption with preventive maintenance

Learn how Bühler`s preventive maintenance solutions can help you today – watch our recorded webinar and find out more!

Your benefits

Optimize your assets in the long run

Increased revenue

Predictive maintenance prevents unexpected downtime and improves your equipment`s performance.

Reduce costs

Continuous, ensured consistent quality of your production reduces waste and cost.

Improved user experience

Through periodic inspections and maintenances we better understand your asset`s situation and condition and offer individualized service plans and improvements.

Our maintenance services

Prolong the life of your plant

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