Next level filter coatings directly on structured wafers.


Next level filter coatings directly on structured wafers.

Sputtering coating equipment from Bühler Leybold Optics includes the cutting-edge technologies from the precision optics market, upgraded to meet the demands of the semiconductor industry, backed by experienced engineers, to optimize performance and productivity for almost any application.


Bühler advantages for the industry

Low particle performance

Our systems are designed to produce filters with low particles, to meet the standards of the semiconductor industry.

Automatic Handling

We have solutions for wafer handling, from traditional manual loading of wafers to fully automated handling directly from SMIF/FOUP pods.

Low deposition temperature

Our machines are compatible with the back-end of CMOS-production or photolithography processes.


Imaging and Sensing

Color and Near Infrared wide bandpass and cut filters for applications such as Ambient Light Sensors or CMOS Image Sensors. Narrow bandpass filters matching the wavelength of the dot projector enables applications in Facial Recognition.

Wafer level optics

From antireflective and high reflectivity coatings to complex filter designs built directly on wafers.

Augmented Reality

As smaller sensors are implemented to wearables so do high precision coatings and waveguides get built directly on smaller elements.


NIR bandpass filters and AR coatings for sensors to block ambient and external light from disturbing the sensing system.

Hyperspectral imaging

Multicolored bandpass filters to add chemical or surface structure information to digital images.

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