Bühler is guided by TOP values that exist at every level of our business. “TOP” stands for Trust, Ownership, and Passion. In an ever-shifting and uncertain world, our values keep us on the right path, guiding our actions to create future-focused solutions in a dynamic environment. They act as a compass for us to maintain an inclusive working atmosphere and also for safeguarding our customer focus.



Our TOP values

With strong values comes an even stronger working culture. Bühler relies on sustaining a culture within its offices worldwide that is open, inclusive, collaborative, and empowering. We believe that the key to a productive and inviting workplace is being a learn-it-all instead of a know-it-all.

We are convinced that the only way to ensure that our solutions are continually sustainable, scalable, and accessible, is to operate with keen customer focus. Solving the problems of today and preparing against the challenges of tomorrow requires concerted efforts leveraging skills that exist both inside, and outside, of our company. These attitudes are integral to our continued success as a business and are paramount in innovating for a better tomorrow. 


Fostering a culture of trust within the business and its ecosystem

Integrity – Acting and communicating in an honest and transparent manner.

Partnership – Embracing collaboration and respecting others for who they are.

Credibility – Delivering on one’s own commitments by “walking the talk” .

Taking ownership of our circumstances and work

Courage – Taking entrepreneurial risks with a willingness to accept failure as a positive learning experience.

Accountability – Assuming responsibility for one’s own work and decisions.

Customer Focus – Working towards the generation and capturing of value for customers to help them to remain successful.

Bringing passion into all that we do

Purpose Constantly pushing to innovate for a better world.

People – Striving to learn something new every day and invest in the development and empowerment of others.

Performance – Delivering high quality work in an efficient manner which contributes to the financial success of our company.