Adding value through thermal processing


Adding value through thermal processing

We provide industry-leading grain and pasta dryers, conveyor dryers, roasters, toasters and expanders that add value by increasing your productivity, energy efficiency and food safety with excellent product quality. Our research, technology and experience can help you gain a competitive edge in an ever-changing marketplace. We can also help you with unrivaled processing knowledge, training, energy audits, process and product development and digital services.


Applications and commodities


Snack food processing: safe, clean, efficient.

To help you meet the growing demand for better-for-you snacks, we have developed new technologies in baking, air expanding and drying. This range of dryers, impingement ovens and hot-air expansion systems feature easy access for cleaning and create high-quality products tailored to your needs.

Drying technology. The science behind the crunch.

Whether shredded, flaked, puffed, extruded or directly expanded, coated or uncoated, toasted or not, we know drying better than anyone else. With thermal processing systems that set standards for food safety, productivity and sustainability, we can help you improve your cereal processes.

Download the RTE Cereal drying brochure.

Roasting and drying of tree nuts, peanuts and seeds

We know nut and seed roasting and the science behind it. Based on decades of research and thermal processing experience, our roasting technology and digital services allow you to safely produce uniform, high-quality products at very high capacities, while reducing product and energy waste.

Download the nut roasting brochure.

Fruit and vegetable drying and dehydration

Our drying and dehydrating systems gently remove moisture from your fruits and vegetables, without compromising the flavor that nature intended. From slices and chunks to paste and puree, we can help you make fresh tasting snacks, value-added ingredients or co-products for food innovations.

Download the fruit and vegetable drying brochure.

Dehydrators and dryers for potato products

Our dryers set the standard for product quality, performance and sanitation. We can create custom systems for drying, dehydro-freezing, dehydrating, roasting and baking. Applications include wedged, diced, cut, sliced, shredded, whole potato products and sweet potatoes or white potato chips.

Read more about dryers and dehydrators for potatoes

Precision drying technology for quality pet foods

As a pet food processor, you need an efficient, flexible and reliable drying solution for your extruded pet food and treats. We have combined hygienic design with energy-efficient components and a complete control system, producing a dryer that maximizes your productivity and profitability.

Download pet food drying brochure.

Learn more about the SmartPet pet food dryer

Uniform, sanitary and efficient drying for aqua feed

We have been pioneering aqua feed drying technologies for more than three decades. Our advancements such as sequential zoning are continually improving the ability to efficiently produce high-quality fish feed. Our market leading systems ensure your products meet all the appropriate standards.

Download the aquafeed drying brochure.

High-capacity drying for a wide variety of bulk solids

In the processing of fiber, polymers, synthetic rubber and other industrial products, our dryers deliver reliable performance in harsh environments. Precise controls and a unique airflow design along with a careful selection of components ensure efficiency, uniformity and excellent product quality.

Efficient drying of exceptional pasta and couscous

Our dryers are world renowned in the pasta and couscous industry. We can help you create consistently perfect product quality with mechanical performance you can rely on, 24/7.

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