One technology for the food and feed value chain


One technology for the food and feed value chain

Extrusion is the core technology for a variety of products, such as breakfast cereals, food ingredients, pet food and aqua feed. Hot extrusion can gelatinize starch, texture or denaturate protein according to the amount of mechanical energy generated, modifying the structure of the original raw materials into interesting finished products.

Conversely, wheat pasta dough is prepared and shaped through cold extrusion in order to preserve the protein properties for the formation of gluten.


Applications and commodities


Complete production solutions for breakfast cereals

Bühler’s breakfast cereal manufacturing solutions include technology and process expertise covering ready-to-eat (RTE) cereals, direct expanded products (DX), multigrain flakes and cornflakes.

Complete production solutions for food Ingredients

Bühler’s extrusion systems for food ingredients produce modified flours and starches, breadcrumbs, value-added by-products from flour milling, texturized proteins, reconstituted and fortified rice, rusk, Textrudates, meat analogs.

Aqua feed manufacturing solutions

Bühler’s aqua feed production solutions include complete plant design and installation for producing a full range of fish feed pellets, including floating, sinking and slow-sinking feed for shrimp, salmon, trout, seawater fish and more.

Extrusion solutions for manufacturing premium pet food

Bühler’s extrusion solutions for manufacturing premium pet food include high-performance technology, process expertise and support. They cover everything from raw ingredients to packaging for premium dog, cat and ornamental fish food.

No structure without the right dough

In the case of pasta from wheat, the formation of gluten occurs in the dough preparation and extrusion steps. The press technology selection depends also on the particle size, which determines the mixing times needed for the right hydration.

With gluten-free pasta, the secret is in the dough

The gelatinization of starch is the key to delivering the right structure for a good pasta from gluten-free raw materials like corn, rice, quinoa buckwheat, as well as pulses. The Polymatik delivers a consistent, clean and efficient process with its direct injection of vapor and hot water.

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