The Bühler Networking Days 2022 –

the third of such events we have hosted every three years – are all about addressing the challenges of a sustainable future in food, feed, and mobility with innovative solutions and partnerships. We invite leaders from industry, science, and other areas to “accelerate impact together”. Only by creating attractive business opportunities across value chains will we deliver the necessary speed and scale of deployment. No one can achieve this scope of impact alone – therefore collaboration is essential, and it is this spirit we would like to foster with our event. 


Be part of this unique industry platform to accelerate impact together by sharing real solutions, learning from each other, and discussing how to act faster and with more impact among industry colleagues from all over the world. We will showcase inspiring, pragmatic, and replicable examples from customers and partners and highlight innovative technologies, solutions, and services. In addition, we will get energized by keynotes from top speakers, exchange experiences within break-out sessions, and have space for networking and meetings with industry colleagues, scientists, and start-ups. 

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Keynote: Accelerating impact together

Organizational purpose

How companies will be measured

Empowering the next generation of leaders

Keynote: Leading in the future

Panel discussion 1

Future education

Panel discussion 2

Future proofing industries

Future companies: Scaling an industry without a safety net

Future companies: Building a global restoration movement

How Climeworks’ direct air capture technology can help solve climate change

Keynote: Demonstrating leadership for impact

The SAP & Microsoft Journey to Success

Keynote: Solutions shaping the future

A purpose-led brand and business

True purpose - with CFS

Sustainable innovation

Keynote: Sustainable food & feed solutions

Scaling an industry without a safety net

Sustainable protein supply opportunities

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Keynote: Let's inspire further acceleration

Harnessing the food and forest micro-biome

A world with no barriers to innovation

MassChallenge: collaborative innovation

Closing fairwell & outlook for 2025

Core topics

We believe that business success and sustainability are mutually dependent. Sustainability is not only an environmental imperative, it makes business sense. With our innovative products and solutions, we transform global challenges into business opportunities.

Customers strongly advanced on ​their CO2 journey.

To achieve the targets set out in the Paris Agreement  and limit global temperature rise to 1.5° C compared to preindustrial levels, we must decarbonize the food, feed,  and mobility values chains. The transformation and decarbonization also offers immense opportunities, with innovative industry processes and higher energy efficiency that also boost business performance.  


To better understand our impact and support your sustainability journeys, we launched a COe Quantification Program to quantify the COe footprint of the products processed through our technology, and the impact of our technology and services on the COe footprint of the products. We have quantified the COe footprint of all key products and the impact of all key technologies and services across the Group. At the Networking Days 2022, all our technologies and services will be accompanied by a comprehensive COe quantification.  


In addition, our COe Quantification Program enables you to quantify the COe footprint of your sites, products and certify your COe footprint. In combination with Bühler’s 160 years of process knowledge and services, this represents a unique opportunity to measure your COe footprint and understand reduction measures with the same partner.  


At the Bühler Networking Days, we will show concrete examples of where Bühler technologies have contributed to reducing energy, waste, and water in the value chain. In particular, optimizing the existing installed asset base, which is the fastest route to impact, with concrete examples of reductions in COe!  

Globally available skills ​and education

To accelerate impact together, we depend on highly qualified and skilled employees. Demographic changes, digitalization, new career paths, the globalization of labor markets, and rising attrition rates present challenges and opportunities. How can we develop our employees to be future ready?


At the Networking Days you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss and connect with peers and potential new partners about how to join forces regarding people development and education.
  • Listen to inspirational panels about the latest trends in the global dual-education field.
  • Meet entrepreneurs from several start-ups who present their new business ideas, as well as start-up accelerators and partners who support them.
  • Benefit from – and personally connect with – the network of schools and training centers Bühler runs globally.


And for any Alumni among you (of the Swiss School of Milling and African Milling School), we are working on setting up a gathering where you can meet your former classmates and reminisce about your time together.

Solutions for affordable nutrition for everyone.

Providing adequate food and nutrition within a more sustainable food value chain is more important than ever. Major opportunities lie in reducing the antibiotic use and CO₂  footprint of livestock, developing great-tasting meat and dairy alternatives, and reducing waste, water and energy use along the value chain. To achieve this, several tools and approaches will be presented, such as food parks to increase efficiency, or digitally monitored processes to improve food and feed safety as well as drive efficiency gains. Sustainable protein supply is a core theme which will be addressed through exciting solutions such as side stream upcycling through insect rearing and processing for feed, plant-based proteins valorization opportunities, and much more.


We will host aspiring and successful industry players who have embraced novel solutions to help transition our food system to one which can sustain a projected population of  10 billion by 2050 with sufficient, affordable, and healthy foods produced within the boundaries of our planet. 


The program will offer a mix of direct exchange opportunities  with industry and thought leaders driving the transition to sustainable foods, as well as thought-provoking keynote speakers sharing the latest insights, successes, and challenges ahead for the food and feed value chain to become sustainable. We also offer breakout sessions with experts to discuss the key challenges holding us back, explore untapped opportunities, and showcase the latest solutions and technologies in our application centers.

Efficient process solutions enabling the Car of the Future

Not since the days of Carl Benz and Henry Ford have we witnessed such profound transformation in the use of personal automobiles. Triggered by technological progress, by visionary industry leaders, and by consumer concerns about the sustainable use of resources and the automotive industry’s impact on climate change, the industry is undergoing dramatic change now.  


CASE = Connected – Autonomous – Shared – Electrified: The acronym stands for the set of disruptive trends in the automotive industry. During the Networking Days 2022, Bühler’s Advanced Materials business areas will showcase innovations and process solutions for the manufacturing of materials and parts enabling sustainable mobility, communication, and housing.

Key facts about Networking Days 2022

2 Days

of thought-provoking presentations


1,000 +







ecosystem & partners





Social media reactions

Feeling the spirit of the Bühler team is very impressive - deep purpose is the fundament of the success of this unique hidden champion. Mind blowing! Congratulations to Stefan and his team!

Peter Staehli, Board Member, Business Angel

Ending the #NWD22 and still realizing what we all have been through during this mind blowing event. We are all targeting accelerating the impact together, congratulations Bühler team!

Eduardo Guzman, Global Key Account Manager, WEG