Welcome to the information hub for media at the Networking Days. 




Welcome to the information hub for media at the Networking Days. 


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In this turbulent and worrying times, we ask ourselves: how will 10 billion people live well within the planetary bounderies by 2025, and what is the role of business in making this possible?​

In this session:

  • Beatrice Conde-Petit, Sustainability Officer at Bühler, will talk about the challenges in balancing food supply and nature, and solutions. 
  • Peter Bakker, president of WBCSD, discuss the importance of sustainability- related practices as business opportunities. 
  • Clara Rowe, Founder of Restor, addresses the impact of restoration and the importance of tracking those initiatives globally. Restoration has the potential to prevent about 60% of expected biodiversity loss, and it could improve food security for over a billion people around the world, according to her.


Peter Bakker

Beatrice Conde-Petit

It is now or never: The latest IPPC report confirms that if we want to limit global warming to 1.5C, this is the last chance. We need immediate and deep emissions reductions across all business and sectors. In this media briefing, you will learn about Bühler actions (and progress) on reducing CO2 emissions across its value chains, about solutions being developed with partners such as Vyncke. 


Jay O’Nien

Jay leads the environmental quantification services for the group, supporting Bühler customers to understand the CO2e Footprint of their sites & products, and how processing technologies contribute to reducing CO2e.

Peter Vyncke

Peter leads the family business VYNCKE, Biomass & Waste-To-Energy Solutions. In 2007, he was elected JCI’s YOUNG FLEMISH ENTREPRENEUR.

Peter Rowe

Molecular biologist turned entrepreneur, Pete is an expert in innovation management, biotechnology and a certified AgTech consultant. As CEO, he leads the team’s effort in transforming the polluters of today into the producers of tomorrow.

The future of food is about good nutrition, about diversity of ingredients and sources, and proctecting our environment. It is about innovation and enhancing communities. Jellatech has developed cutting-edge technologies to produce high-quality, animal-free collagen and gelatin, in a a mission to eliminate animals from the food system, making better ingredient products. Puris, now a leading supplier of pea protein in the U.S., is focused on building a sustainable food economy, from seed to grocery shelves.


Erika Georget

Stephanie Michelsen

Nicole Atchison

In September 2021, Bühler, Givaudan and Migros formed a new entity, The Cultured Food Innovation Hub, to accelerate the development and market penetration of cellular agriculture products. In this media briefing, the speakers will announce the noveties of this groundbreaking project.


Yannick Gaechter

Yannick is the Start-Up Director Cultured Food Innovation Hub at Bühler Group.

Fabio Campanile

Matthew Robin

Matthew is the managing director at Elsa Mifroma, Migros-Industrie. Since 2011, he has pioneered Migros strategy, investments, and activities in the cultured meat area. 

Venture capitalists invested more than US $39.3 billion in food tech companies across 1,358 deals in 2021, according to PitchBook’s annual report on investments in the space. Not even two months into 2022, food tech companies have already received $489.25 million in venture funding, according to Food Dive calculations. In this media briefing, you will get insights of the dynamics of driving innovation in the food industry with Nikita Michelsen, CEO of Pearlita Foods, who is using cellular agriculture to harvest high-value proteins like oysters and abalone, Andrew Ive, founder and managing general partner of Big Idea Ventures, and Matt Lashmar, president of MassChallenge Switzerland.  


Matt Lashmar

Matt is the president at MassChallenge Switzerland. He coaches start-up founders 1:1 “helps them stay sane”.

Andrew Ive

Founder of Big Idea Venture, investing in plant-based, cell-based and fermentation enabled foods and ingredients to impact climate change, animal welfare and personal health.

Nikita Michelsen

Nikita is the founder & CEO at Pearlita Foods.

Over the last 160 years, Bühler supplied equipment and built many plants that are now part of a huge global asset base. These solutions (machines and production lines) have already been running for 5, 10, 20 or more years. One of the biggest lever to achieve Bühler's sustainability targets is to address these existing assets - with traditional and digital services - to become more productive and less energy and carbon intense. In this media briefings, we share this journey, present some of the results and the next steps.


Tjark de Vries

Tjark de Vries is the Head of Global Customer Services at Bühler Group.

Martin Stager

Martin is the Program Director Service Transformation at Bühler Group.

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