Premier Tech Systems and Automation

André Noreau

As President and CEO of Premier Tech Systems and Automation, André Noreau exercises his leadership to develop the business in a transformative, innovative and sustainable way. His valuable background in mechanical engineering combined to his keen business sense have given him an impressive track record, generating growth and developing lasting partnerships over the years.  

Recognized for his sharp thinking and strong company values, he has dedicated his career to Material Handling and Packaging automation for more than 35 years, by creating high-end solutions that help improve the efficiency of manufacturing facilities in the nutrition, industrial, agricultural and organics market sectors.  


Premier Tech Systems and Automation has experienced constant growth under his guidance, having maintained a CAGR of 15% over the past 25 years to reach 400 M$ CA. Premier Tech’s world presence now extends to 28 countries on 5 continents.  

With the strong conviction that there is a solution to everything, André Noreau has led his worldwide team of experts at Premier Tech to become one of the largest packaging solution companies in the world.  

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