Highest quality

Combined with highest productivity and efficiency

Highest quality

Combined with highest productivity and efficiency

Bühler offers cleaning systems perfectly tailored to one another to ensure maximum food safety. However, the focus is always on maximum productivity and efficiency.

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Removal of foreign bodies

99.5 %
Insect eggs exterminated
The Matador MJZH destroys more than 99.5% of all the insect eggs contained in the flour and semolina. This is done by a very effective multiple impact system while the product is flowing in and out.
12,000 Gauss
Magnetic force that pays off
With its magnetic separators, Bühler supports its customers in achieving maximum product safety. Its powerful neodymium magnets ensure reliable selection of magnetic metal particles.
Food manufacturing

Foreign material control

Physical contaminants in food processing and manufacturing plants can pose serious health hazards to consumer. It is beyond doubt; any foreign material in food is a real concern to every food processor, not only in terms of the consumer complaints but as factor in the effective implementation of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control (HACCP) system.

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