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The Matador exterminates more than 99.5% of insect eggs in flour and semolina after the milling process, providing a very high level of food safety.

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Key benefits

Reduced energy consumption

The Matador uses less energy than similar impact machines. This is because there is no cross-flow of air passing through the machine.

Sensors detect malfunctions in the machine

The Matador is equipped with several sensors to detect faults, so you can deal with them before they cause damage to the machine. These sensors measure the temperature of the housing, the level of compressed air at the seal, and vibrations.

Removes up to 99.5% of insect eggs in flour and semolina

The Matador has been proven by independent experts to destroy almost all the insect eggs in flour and semolina during the milling process.

Food safety as a success factor

High level of food safety

The Matador kills virtually all insect eggs in flour and semolina

The Matador destroys more than 99.5% of all of the insect eggs contained in the flour and semolina. This is done by a very effective multiple impact system while the product is flowing in and out.

Flexible plant design and engineering

Choose from five different sizes

You can integrate the Matador into existing milling systems in a vertical or horizontal position. The smaller versions can also be suspended from the ceiling. It comes in five closely graduated sizes with throughputs ranging from 1 to 45 t/h. Use it in gravity spouting or pneumatic conveyors up to an overpressure of 1 bar.

We are extremely satisfied with the Matador. In addition to its high reliability, I particularly like the improved efficiency and extremely high degree of deactivation. Since we’ve started using the Bühler machines, the risk of contamination by insect eggs has been virtually eliminated.

Joachim Kaar, Plant Manager

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

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