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Small plansifter


The Azurit small plansifter MPAU is a highly efficient plansifter with a small footprint. It sieves and grades powdered and granulated products. This plansifter is also applied as a control sifter in flour storage systems ahead of bagging and bulk loader.

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Key benefits

Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance

The Azurit has wide front doors so you can quickly install and change the sieve frames. You can also access all the parts of the plansifter which are in contact with the product, making it easier to clean.

Use for many different products

We offer a range of different sieve frames for the Azurit – so you can adapt the flow diagram to sieve and grade different products.

Great performance on a small footprint

The Azurit has a sieve area of 8.1 to 9.7 m², offering a high throughput. It is small and precise with an excellent space-performance ratio.

High efficiency and precise separation on a small footprint

High sifting performance

Fitted with Nova sieves for outstanding throughput

Our Nova series sieves are highly efficient and have a large throughput. They have a high number of sieves per stack with a sieve area of 8.1 to 9.7 m². The combi-cleaners move between sieve covering and sieve bottom, intensively cleaning every corner of the sieve. You can combine different sieve frames to form different flow diagrams – suitable for the fractionation of a variety of products.


Use for many different applications

You can combine different sieve frames to form different flow diagrams – suitable for the fractionation of a wide variety of products.

Hygienic design

Designed for minimal cleaning

The sieve stack and the drive are accessible from all sides, making maintenance and cleaning easier. The sieve stacks are installed tightly to help prevent cross-contamination of different products.

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