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Sieving machine

A versatile sieving machine for powder and granulates, designed for top sanitation and food safety. It is used as a control screen in gravity spouting in milling, brewing, bakeries and food processing – to check fatty and sticky flours or sugars.

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Key benefits

Enhanced food safety

This inline control sieve removes foreign matter from powders and granular products, such as flour and sugar. Fine particles pass through the sieve screen. Coarser particles fall over the end of the screen and are separated from the product.

5% less energy consumption

We have made the MKZK with a belt-free direct drive. This reduces energy consumption by at least 5% compared to our previous model. We have also redesigned the airflow to reduce the consumption of aspiration air by 55%.

Top sanitation

All parts that come into contact with the product are made from stainless steel. The inside of the machine has no corners or edges. This reduces the amount of residue that can stick.

Highlight features

Flexible configuration

Wide range of applications

Available as a single or double unit. Screen holes range from 0.75 to 8 mm to adapt to different raw materials, such as whole wheat flour, bakery flour, biscuit flour, maize starch, crystal sugar and durum wheat. Magnets come in various strengths to comply with different food safety regulations.

Cleaning and maintenance

Designed for quick and easy use

You can unlock the cleaning hatch in one movement, meaning that it takes less than 15 seconds to access the sieve and product area for inspection and cleaning. You can clean the sieve in 30 seconds.

Key topics

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficience in every step of production

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