Kampffmeyer Choose Sortex Z for cleaning Wheat

29.05.2007 Premiere Milling Company turn to optical sorting in a move away from me-chanical cleaning. The Kampffmeyer Gruppe is Germany's largest milling company and for generations they have pro-duced excellent, high quality milled grain products for food companies worldwide. So when Kampffmeyer make radical changes in the way they produce flour, the milling industry tends to sit-up and take notice.

Just such a change has occurred at their plant in Koeln, West Germany, where after years of relying on a variety of mechanical sorters, such as the indent cylinder and gravity separator, they have taken the far-reaching step of installing two Buhler Sortex Z sorters. The new optical sorters have dramatically reduced the mill's flow diagram, increased yields and reduced energy costs.

Mr Ax, the Head Miller, is fulsome in his praise for the new Sortex sorters. "I have never seen a ma-chine that can sort so many defects simultaneously", he says of the sorters, which have replaced me-chanical cleaning machines on two wheat production lines.

The new Sortex machines have impressed Mr Ax with their reliability and sorting precision. Because they rely on colour recognition, they can remove more contaminate and reject less good grain - a com-mon complaint about mechanical sorters is that they reject good grain simply because it is undersized though otherwise acceptable.

Sortex Sorters also require less energy, feature remote diagnostics and are easily operated and re-programmed for different products. In fact, in another mill belonging to the Kampffmeyer group at Rosenmuehle, a Sortex Z3V, installed four years ago, sorts both Rye and Wheat.

Clearly Kampffmeyer, who use Sortex sorters in a number of their mills not only for soft wheat but also for Rye production, believe that the way ahead is to choose optical sorters - an investment that, thanks to the low running costs, increased yields (typically output can be as pure as 99.9%), and ease of use, will generally repay itself within two years.

With output up, costs down, quality improved and reliability taken for granted - no wonder Mr Ax feels on top of the world. Expect millers throughout Europe who have yet to join the Sortex Z revolution to take careful note of the Kampffmeyer choice of Sortex Optical Sorters and to be following suit very shortly.