SORTEX Total Care ensures long term performance

27.03.2008 Buhler Sortex takes its responsibilities seriously. That’s why it is expanding its Total Care package to monitor optical sorting performance remotely across its entire product range. Consequently the lowest possible cost of ownership is guaranteed. “Our post-sales support means that you don’t merely buy a machine,” says Managing Director Bruno Kilshaw. “You take part in a continuing relationship that ensures that your sorter is performing to maximum efficiency, delivering maximum productivity and making a maximum return on your investment.”

Central to the Total Care package, according to Customer Service Director Colin Chaffers, is the Anyware system, which delivers worldwide support at a local level. “It uses a telecoms link or the Internet. If a problem arises in sorter operation an alert is created and our engineers can determine the appropriate action. Many issues can be resolved without the need for a site visit by an engineer.

“The details in the fault report delivered to our Service Centre enable our engineers to make an informed advance assessment. An emergency repair service will provide unlimited on site support that includes spare parts and labour. With a 24 hour response time it aims to restore normal production as quickly as possible after an electronic or mechanical failure.”

It may be clichéd but it’s true that prevention is better than cure. “We accept that proposition wholeheartedly,” says Chaffers. “We offer an on site service package that takes care of cleaning and adjusting the sorter, checking its optical and mechanical alignment and sorting performance, and replacing worn parts.

“We also have a dedicated ejector service and repair function that ensures that sorter performance is maximised and operates to the highest standards at all times.”

To enhance the preventive maintenance and ejector service and repair capabilities, an Anyware health check can be commissioned. This provides a pre-determined number of remote diagnostic checks that facilitate rapid response to any problems that are identified.

Because every installation, operating in different sectors in different countries, is unique, the cost of each Total Care package is individually assessed. “I believe that signing up to this new initiative is not only sensible but essential,” says Chaffers. “After all, you take care to insure your home and your life. It’s important, too, to insure your livelihood.