Countercurrent Cooler DFKG

Countercurrent Cooler DFKG – high efficiency, optimized sanitation design.

- Efficient cooling
- High quality pellets
- Excellent sanitation design

Countercurrent Cooler DFKG

Bühler is a leading manufacturer of food processing and animal feed processing equipment. The Bühler countercurrent cooler DFKG is used for the efficient cooling of hot and moist pellets. Its main application is in the feed and biomass industry. It reduces the temperature of hot pellets from the pellet mill to only 5° C above ambient temperature. Sophisticated technology for efficient cooling of hot moist pellets.
  • As a pellet cooler, the DFKG effectively employs the principle of countercurrent cooling, leading to low specific air requirements. Full cooling efficiency is even achieved when the cooler is only partially loaded. 
  • The conical screen design and the almost circular cross-section ensure uniform air distribution and product discharge.

Built to deliver high quality, easily transportable pellets.

  • The countercurrent cooling method avoids direct blowing of cool air on the hot pellets. This prevents surface cracking of the pellets, maintaining high pellet quality. 
  • After pellet cooling, temperature is reduced to a safe value, preventing condensation and mildew. Furthermore, pellet hardness is increased, making transportation and storage easier.

Optimized design for high sanitation standards.

  • The cooler’s design ensures complete discharge. This eliminates the risk of contamina-tion through leftover discharge residues.
  • Thanks to the inlet design, the connection between the pellet mill and cooler is clean, thus impeding salmonella contamination of the feed pellets.


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