Winnowing system W

Winnowing system W – best possible yield with all cocoa bean origins.

- Maximum yield
- Very high capacity
- High product quality
- Easy maintenance

Winnowing system W

The Bühler Barth winnowing system W offers optimal possibilities to achieve maximum yields in cocoa processing. The combination of the two-stage crushing process, screen unit, and aspiration system allows flexible adjustment to the individual requirements of different cocoa origins. The required separating efficiency is ensured by the high-capacity screening system equipped with 3 to 7 sieve decks and with an integrated shell aspiration system designed to carefully separate the shells from the nibs. Two-stage crushing principle for maximum total yield.
The winnowing system W is characterized by its two-stage crushing process with two impact crushers. The crushing intensity can be precisely matched to the specific cocoa bean origin. The result of this optimal bean to nib process with predominantly large cocoa nibs is a maximum total yield.

Efficient shelling by optimized screening system. 

  • An essential system component is the screening system – consisting of 3 to 7 sieve decks: The winnowing systems W 500 and W 1000 have three sieve decks each. The versions W 3000 and W 4000 offer 5 sieve decks each, and the versions W 6000 and W 8000 incorporate seven sieve decks each. The system can be selected with the optimal number of sieve decks to suit the processing capacity – for ensuring high winnowing efficiency. 
  • The process efficiency in separating the nibs from the shells is essentially a function of the screen size. The screen dimensions are optimally matched to the production capacity.

Automatic parameterization for optimal product quality.
The scope of functions of the winnowing system W include automatic parameterization. It enables the efficiency of separating the nibs from the shells to be maintained constant regardless of the product throughput or the condition of the screens. The negative pressure in the air classifiers is monitored and if constantly controlled through automatic valves. The result is a consistently high yield of cocoa nibs.

Easy maintenance thanks to swing-out aspiration housing.
Lifting the aspiration unit provides immediate access to the screens. It thus facilitates screen changes, cleaning, and maintenance.


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