Depositing machine VoluShot™

Depositing machine VoluShot™ – economical and space-saving product feed.

- High dependability
- Easy to integrate
- Convenient operation
- High operating reliability

Depositor VoluShot™

The depositor VoluShot™ is a very robust and reliable unit for spot depositing in stationary molds and moving molds. It has been specially designed for the volumetric deposit of solid chocolate pieces and for backing and shell chocolate. Of compact design and with an independent drive and control system, it can be readily integrated in any moulding line system. Heavy duty and optimized design for high dependability and economical operation.
  • The compact and robust design ensures high dependability and a long service life of this depositor.
  • The optimized construction and the sideways shiftable depositing head make for easy operation, cleaning, and maintenance and thus substantially reduce the operating costs.

Compact design and single-drive technology for autarchic plant integration.

  • Thanks to its compact design, the VoluShot™ can be integrated in a space-saving way in any existing production lines.
  • Its single-drive technology and independent control system allow independent integration in any type of plant.

Touch-panel for user-friendly operation.
The control board attached directly to the machine allows easy and convenient control of the depositing parameters. The article management function enables convenient saving and retrieval of article recipes and thus ensures complete reproducibility in production.

Efficient fault message system for top operating reliability.
The integrated fault message system provides plain-text information on incorrect inputs and operating trouble. The complete status overview allows quick localizing of operations that have not been performed.


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