Depositing machine VersiShot™

Depositing machine VersiShot™ – for complex and specialty depositing applications.

- Exceptional flexibility
- Exemplary ease of operation
- Easy and reliable installation

Depositor VersiShot™

Whether complex decorations, special geometries, or multicolor articles are involved – the depositing machine VersiShot™ is a true multi-talent that can handle them all. It has been specifically designed for special-purpose applications and fine work. It allows economical production of small to medium article production runs and efficient processing of chocolate or filling masses with or without ingredients. It is configured for the combination
of spot and ribbon depositing, decoration and one-shot processing. Together with the 3D depositing motion, the head allows maximum flexibility in the production of chocolate articles.
Unique flexibility through modular design.
  • Almost all functional components of the VersiShot™ can be quickly and easily exchanged. The mass tank, feed components, 3D depositing head, and drive components are flexible parts of the modular design of the depositing machine which can whenever necessary be changed over to the required function.
  • Easily exchangeable mass hoppers allow mass to be supplied from the single or twin hopper – for multicolor or one-shot articles.
  • The three-dimensional motions of the depositing head allow a wide range of functions to be utilized – for complex ribbon depositing or decoration applications.

Superior user friendliness thanks to “easy to use” article generator.

  • The novel “easy to use” article generator guides users in their own language visually through the menu and fundamentally simplifies process control on the basis of article-oriented operation.
  • The depositing process, article geometry, weight, geometric data, shell thickness, mass type for shell and filling, mass viscosity, or system speed – all these process parameters can be quickly and easily entered through the touch-screen of the machine.

Decentralized and standardized installation for optimal integration.
The control system and energy supply are installed on the machine itself, eliminating the need for costly connection of the machine to a centralized control panel. The decentralized and standardized “plug and run” installation is less prone to trouble and thus reduces the installation costs and installation time.


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