VersiMix™ – Versatile mixer for the confectionary industry.

- Flexible solution for many applications
- Efficient mixing process
- Creative and easy use


Chocolate, compound and fat filling masses, nut pastes as well as rework – the VersiMix™ is excellently suited to process a wide variety of masses in the confectionary industry. Independent mixing tubs allow for frequent recipe changes in the production of small batches and make the robust solution one of the most flexible on the market. Flexible mixer for many applications
The vertical mixer’s two independently powered mixing tools enable for multifunctional action. VersiMix™ can be equipped with both an agitator and cutter unit for mixing and size reduction or a disperser disc for homogenization and liquefying. The speed of the trifoil agitator with flexible side and bottom scrapers can be continuously adapted through a variable speed drive.

Efficient mixing process
Efficient processing of all masses within a very short time is one crucial advantage of the Bühler solution. The lifting stroke of the VersiMix™ head ensures that the product is perfectly intermixed.

Creative and easy use
Small batches with specialties can be easily combined with large-scale chocolate production processes. Typically, the ingredients will be blended in a separate unit or – following manual weighing – filled directly into the mixer by lifting up the machine lid. The mixing tubs of the chocolate mixer have been designed with mobility in mind. They can be emptied through a quick-action coupling to pumps or by a tipping device.


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