DynaJet batch sputtering metallizer

DynaJet batch sputtering metallizer – Energy- and cost-efficient batch sputtering

- Go green with less consumable costs
- Higher throughput with fully automatic production line
- Optimized production space through less metallization floor space
- Low cost per piece with high production quality and homogeneity


The DynaJet is the newest member of the Dyna family of metallizing systems. This batch sputtering system combines the best of all PVD expertise that Bühler has to offer. The proven IPT cathode provides a new dimension in productivity. High target utilization offers lower cost of ownership due to a long target lifetime. The turbo molecular pump system needs only a fraction of the electrical energy and cooling water compared to conventional systems. All this allows for a significant reduction of the yearly cost of ownership. Energy efficient metalizer for lower OPEX

Average energy consumption is an important aspect for the cost of ownership. The new pumping system of the DynaJet with TMP saves 800.000 kWh in 10 years compared to competing machines in the market. Together with faster ramp-up and ramp-down times for the high vacuum pumps and lower water consumption, DynaJet is setting a new benchmark, making it the best investment for the future.

Higher throughput and lower manpower costs

The automatic substrate load- and unload function allows a production line that can work automatically with higher throughput and lower manpower costs.
A dry air venting system allows for constant production independent environmental conditions. This feature permits faster pump down and a higher metallization quality resulting in a shorter cycle time.

Small footprint for optimized production space

With a required floor space of less than 10m², DynaJet is easy to integrate into your existing factory.
The machine is on a compact, container-sized frame for easy transport on site or to another production facility.

PECVD and PVD at the highest rate and best homogeneous distribution
The worldwide proven IPT cathode and an optimized cryo-coil guarantee the best PVD homogeneity. A semi-transparent sputter layer is another possible application. The optimized Bühler Arc management ensures a stable sputtering process.
New developments in the plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) process enable high speed top coating.

About Bühler Leybold Optics

In the beginning of 2012, Leybold Optics GmbH became a subsidiary of the Bühler Group based in Switzerland: Business Unit Leybold Optics, legally rebranded to Bühler Alzenau GmbH in 2015, operates under the Advanced Material Division within the Bühler Group.


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